USB-C 3.1 Cable 3M (100W)



Aluminum case have high durability and low contact resistance. With smart chip providing data speed recognition.
Remark: Fast charging performance depends on the device support. Other inferior cable is unstable and dangerous.

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USB-C 3.1數據線3米

‧ 多重屏蔽抗無線訊號干擾
‧ 充電可達20V5A (最高100W)
‧ 內置E-Marker晶片使速度及供電更穩定
‧ 適合macbook及notebook等設備使用



Deliver up to 10Gbps to or from a USB 3.1 (Gen2) enabled port. Whether uploading or downloading data this cable is an ideal solution to transfer large amounts of information, such as high resolution photos for editing or storage, 3D models for video game authoring, or HD video for editing

Ensure that a USB-C equipped laptop, smartphone, or tablet is fully charged and ready to go while displaying video content, transferring files, or streaming audio. Deliver up to 100W of charging power to or from the connected device with smart power delivery. The USB-C cable offers a light-weight, portable, and simple way to deliver video, data, and stay charged up.

The USB-C connector has a robust design, allowing for the connector to be plugged in and un-plugged up to 10,000 times. The sturdy construction ensures that the product provides peace of mind and is built to stand up to the rigors the most demanding on-the-go life. The USB-C connector has a symmetrical design which is identical on both sides, so it does not matter if you plug it in upside-down or right-side-up. It will plug in the first time, every time while preventing damage to the connector port.


重量 150 g