Mini USB Cable 1.5M



Charging and Data Cable. Plug and play very convenient.

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Mini USB數據線1.5米

‧ 多層屏蔽線芯抗信訊干擾
‧ 耐用鍍鎳接頭及耐彎曲線身
‧ 簡潔包裝經濟又環保
‧ 適合多種設備使用



Male USB A to male mini USB B USB cables is the ideal low-cost cable connector for industrial and commercial applications. These USB cables offer high-speed performance when you need to connect portable or mobile equipment. Male USB A is a standard USB interface coupled with a male mini USB B, perfect for connecting compact portable electronic devices such as cameras and phones to a computer or charger.

• Dual Ended Connectors
• USB Type A-to-Mini-B (male to male)
• Excellent RFI/EMI performance


重量 60 g