HDMI 2.0 Cable 10M (4K60Hz)


HDMI 2.0版速度足以支援真正4K 60Hz,配上窄身插頭兼容性高,性價比之選。

Remark: HDMI Ver2.0 support 4K 60Hz

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HDMI 2.0版訊號線10米

‧ 2.0版本支援4K 60Hz超高清畫質
‧ 多重屏蔽抗無線訊號干擾
‧ 多種設備通用,如電腦、遊戲機、投影機及電視等



• Supports HDMI 2.0 and HDMI 1.4
• Supports all the latest 4K Ultra HD TV’s with resolution up to 3840 × 2160 (2160p)
• 24k gold plated corrosion resistant connectors for maximum conductivity and low signal loss
• Triple shielding reduces interference, noise and distortion
• 3D Support defines protocols for major 3D video formats, paving the way for true 3D gaming and 3D home theatre applications
• HDMI Ethernet Channel allows users to take full advantage of IP-enabled devices without a separate Ethernet cable
• Audio Support for 32 channel digital audio and lossless compressed digital audio formats Dolby TrueHD &DTS-HD Master Audio
• Up to 1536kHz audio sample frequency for the highest audio fidelity
• 4K Support enables video resolutions up to 3840 × 2160 which is 4 times the clarity existing 1080p displays
• Supports maximum bandwidth up to 18Gbps


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