DP 1.2 Cable 4M (4K60Hz)


溫馨提示:1.2版本以上先支援真4K 60Hz

Cable brands in USA
Remark: DP Ver1.2 support 4K 60Hz

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美國Amphenol DisplayPort 1.2版訊號線4米

‧ 大廠出品,造工扎實耐用,品質有保證
‧ 1.2版本支援4K 60Hz超高清畫質
‧ 2K 解像度可達144Hz,打機更流暢
‧ 三層EMI抗干擾屏蔽



DisplayPort cables by Amphenol AssembleTech combine ultra-high-bitrate support (10.8 Gbps) with superior manufacturing techniques for the most reliable digital video interface possible. Each DisplayPort cable is precision-cut, terminated to latching DisplayPort connectors, and over molded to reduce wear. 100% screen tested before shipment. Support of a High Bit Rate (HBR) bandwidth means that this cable can carry up to a 4k resolution. Built to DisplayPort 1.2 standards, this cable meets the requirements of high performance applications.


重量 230 g