SATA 3.0 Cable 0.7M



Cable brands in USA, safe and stable.
Remark: One side of the connectors is elbow design.

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美國Amphenol SATA 3.0數據線0.7米

‧ 大廠出品,造工扎實耐用,品質有保證
‧ 多層屏蔽線芯抗訊號干擾
‧ SATA3.0支援傳輸速度高達6Gb/s
‧ 市面少有特長70cm尺寸
‧ 簡潔包裝經濟又環保



Premium Amphenol 90 Degree Up Right-Angle 6.0 Gbps SATA-3 Data Cable

This cable was used to connect different SATA devices such as HDDs or optical drives to the Mainboard. Additionally shielded and insulated, this cable is perfect for use in your PC. The safety latch is an additional safety feature which locks the plug into place to ensure a safe connection. This connection can be loosened by hand by pressing the plug.

Technical specifications:
Length: 70cm
Standard: High-Speed 6Gbps SATA III SATA 3
Colour: Silver Blue
Connectors: Straight-Angled (Upward)


重量 40 g